Medication Adherence Programs

Blister Packs, also known as Compliance Packaging, is one of our many great services that packages a week’s supply of your medications into “blisters” for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime uniquely designed and carefully prepared by our team of pharmacist. Blisters are marked with the day and time of each dose, making medication management easier.

If you or someone you know is required to take multiple medications at different times of the day, this can be a challenge to manage. Your pharmacy’s blister packaging service is a great way to manage your medications, and will also make keeping track of refills much easier.

Blister Packs may be set up for monthly basis and either picked up at our pharmacy or delivered to your home with no extra charge.

Please contact us today to see if you qualify for this FREE service.

The Blister Packs Advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • Highly recommended by most physicians and pharmacists – All patients currently having multiple and/or certain medical conditions or on multiple medications are recommended to enroll in the blister pack program to maximize safety, compliance and optimal dosing.
  • Safety – reduce the chance of missed doses or double doses or taking medications that interact with one another at the same time. You get the right medication at the right time thus enhancing patient well-being.
  • Compliance – you know whether you’ve taken or missed a dose.
  • Convenience – we do all of the work to organize your medications for you.
  • Cost effective – qualified personnel get this service free of charge and qualify for FREE delivery
  • Customization – All medication inside the plastic blisters are thermoformed, costumed to hold all your daily medication, including over-the-counter medication or supplements, in bubble form blisters according to your recommended time of ingestion, customized to fit the needs of the patient.
  • Promote independent living
  • Ideal for the vision-impaired, memory-impaired and/or complex regimen
  • Provides caregivers with the assurances that medications are being taken correctly and safely

Monthly Dispensing Program helps provides you with all your requested medications in a monthly dispensing frequency.

This improves clarity and transparency of treatment through more effective communications between health professionals and patients.
Improves compliance and safety for patients having difficulty remembering to take medications correctly, but who are otherwise deemed capable of self-administration or for those with complex drug regimes.

Helps reduce the millions of expired and unused prescription medications often left lying in medicine cabinets and cupboards, many of which are hazard to us or our environment. This leads to their potential misuse or abuse.

The Medication Monitoring Program helps ensure that your medication adherence and supply are continuously monitored. If you’re someone who has difficulty keeping track of the medications you’ve consumed or you’re continuously running out of your medication, then our Medication Monitoring Program is perfect for you. It’s a great way to ensure safety, optimize patient outcomes, and reduce the risk of arising complications.

More than 50% of Canadians report some form of non-adherence to their prescribed therapy. Despite diagnostic and therapeutic advances in recent years that have reduced key gaps between regular and optimal care, the overall impact on improved patient outcomes remains less than ideal  because of poor compliance with prescribed evidence-based therapies.

The best part is this service is FREE of charge and is available to all customers!

The Adherence Monitoring Advantages:

  • Continuous monitoring of your medication(s) to ensure optimization & adherence of therapy
  • Tracking of some or even all of your medications & immediate contact once they are ready for pick-up
  • Coordination with your physician to ensure you never run out of refills
  • No waiting required; saving your precious and valuable time
  • Peace of mind – we keep track of your medication & prepare them when they’re due
  • Preparation of customized refills that fit your medical needs. Given the duration of therapy varies by patient, we use our algorithms to optimize the therapy duration necessary and ensure that your medication(s) are always ready for you when you need them
  • Upon request –
    • Early refill reminders for specified medications
    • Free delivery services for qualifying patients
    • Reminders for requested medications when due